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What folks are saying

From families going through life transitions to some of the world's most famous athletes, Jen's coaching practices have helped to transform the lives and deliver on the peak performance aspirations her clients are striving for.

I have been fortunate enough to work closely with Jen over the past 18 months. From our first session, I knew that working with her would be like nothing I’d ever experienced, but I never could have imagined the impact she has made on not only my game on the ice but also my life as a whole.  Her teachings brought me much needed balance through practice filled with intent, deep conversations, and awareness. This added an entirely new dimension to my life as well as my game. I learned how to present my 5’11 frame larger than a 6’3 goalie, effectively manage the anxiety of high pressure situations and harness the power of ease and flow. This all harmonized throughout the 2021/22 BCHL playoffs, where we set a record of  16 straight wins on our way to the championship. I can’t thank Jen enough for everything she has done; she truly is a masterful teacher. 
Kaeden Lane
Goalie, Penticton Vees - BCHL
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Being a high level athlete comes with a lot of ups and downs. Through the years, Jen has been someone that I’ve relied on to overcome these mental and physical challenges. I’m always impressed with Jen’s ability to translate her message in terms that a hockey player( athlete) can understand. Jen is easy to connect with and always finds a way to pinpoint exactly how I feel. Whether it be mentally or physically, she helps me identify areas that need to be addressed so I can perform at my best. Jen is very knowledgeable and passionate about her work and is always eager to help
Over the past seven years, Jen has been a tremendous help in keeping me on the ice and helping me through everyday life. She has a gift of helping people and communicating what you need and how you need to hear it. Her training is unlike anything I’ve seen from anyone else and can only truly be experienced by working with her. She has helped my mental game improve dramatically with handling pressure on the ice. She has also helped my hip mobility and strength increase to where I never thought it would be. Her knowledge of sports, body and mind is truly extraordinary. Jen honestly cares about everyone she works with and wants to help you succeed in your sport but as well as a human being.
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Tyson Jost.png

The whole experience with Jen is so amazing. She cares so much about your well being and takes everything into consideration. Her eye and understanding of how the body moves and responds to stress situations or injuries is second to none. Her unique approach is so amazing to see in actions. It’s amazing how great you feel after working with her. The thing that stands out the most is how much she cares. She will do whatever it takes to help you feel better mentally and physically. Her ability to connect with clients is second to none and you can truly tell she wants the best for you. 

The payoff with Jen has been a game changer for my career. I met Jen when I was 16 and worked with her more and more as my career evolved. I can confidently say I wouldn’t be where I am without her. She’s  helped me with recovery and being able to move my body more efficiently, but the way she’s shaped my mental side of the game and my outlook on different situations in life/hockey have been incredibly helpful. She cares so much about me as a player but more importantly as a person. I consider her one of my great friends and we share such a special relationship. She’s been there for the good, bad and ugly and has helped me so much through difficult times. I owe the world for what she’s done for me and how much effort she’s put into helping me feel my best. She’s a rockstar, and I’m so happy to have her in my corner. 

Tyson Jost
Center, Buffalo Sabres - NHL

I remember the first time I met Jen when my goalie partner and I went to go do yoga with her. We went a couple times and then the next year, I remember not really wanting to go 100%, my new partner pushed me to get up and go with him because it helps. I’m glad I went because that session, the one I didn’t fully want to go to at first, has left a lasting impression with me. What started off as a yoga session, quickly became an amazing discussion where Jen read me like a book. She told me some things about myself that I never really realized and she had no way of knowing since I never told her previously. From that day on, a more personal friendship started, and a better understanding of myself and how I could improve emerged. The mental game is one of the biggest factors, if not the biggest to sports success. Jen was not only a help but a spark for me to really fully understand how the way I am as a person off the ice, has direct implications to the person I am on the ice. Jen also makes herself available all the time for her athletes, is super passionate about her work and always continues to learn. I still continue to apply her teachings every day and will continue to. I am very fortunate to have met Jen and work with her. Thank you Jen.

Yaniv Perets
Quinnipiac University
2023 NCAA Champions
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