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Signature Coaching Services

Providing Everything You Need To Unlock Your Full Potential

NEXUS OTC - Hourly Coaching

OTC - On the clock. Six hours of 1:1 with Jen broken down in sessions that suit your need. The hours are administered in time lengths at the client's direction. 

NEXUS Mastery - 6 Weeks

Jen's most popular programming for seeding and grounding a transformation with clients. Each cycle begins anew with a client-centered goal and continues in close partnership with Jen several times a week to push through and dissolve what's in the way. 

NEXUS Peak - 6 months

Peak programming affords clients a longer runway and greater flexibility with Jen's programming. Client's enjoy a "season-long" solution to individualized performance coaching.

NEXUS Custom - Varies

Jen will curate and deliver customized programming tailored to your specific needs and desired outcomes over a prescribed period of time. If you could have anything, what would it be?

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