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Hi. I'm Jen.

I created my first coaching job at age 15. Why wait for someone to hire me? My passion for sharing the many gifts that had been offered so generously to me by some of my earliest coaches and mentors was something that could not be contained. So I created a summer volleyball camp before I was even old enough to drive, and I've been learning, integrating, and coaching every day since then.

When my daughter was born, my lifelong coaching practice became the key that unlocked the parenting experience my child needed to step into her full potential and live the joyful life every child deserves. 

Living in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in Canada is a source of energy and inspiration in my life. Connection with the natural world, and integrating the life force energy into my work helps to ground the insights and lessons with my clients. 

Jen Wheaton Performanc Coach
Carey Price testimonial for Jen Wheaton
Not only has Jen helped me immensely with my off ice preparation during my summer preparation, she always brings a calm, genuine and humorous nature to our sessions that always makes the essential work an enjoyable experience.
Her knowledge of the human anatomy and function has helped me transition between off ice strength and conditioning to on ice mobility. If you put in the honest work, not only will you feel better on the ice, you will feel better off the ice as well. 

Health is happiness. I can’t thank her enough for her encouragement and most importantly her friendship. Namaste

Carey Price

NHL Goalie

Montréal Canadiens

Jen's Story

A fascination at the early age of 5 with the intricacies of human musculature – courtesy of her mother’s anatomy textbook - ignited a spark in Jen that has grown steadily into a burning platform focused on coaching people to reach their full potential. Jen’s life has been a celebration of the mental and physical senses that started with her mastery of physical movement. A trajectory that began as a dancer, discovered a love of sport through competitive volleyball, and elevated further as a Second Degree Blackbelt has culminated in her capstone work as a renowned Yogi.

Yogi Jen Wheaton Okanagan BC

The “massive bookshelf” in her childhood home was the nexus for Jen, nurturing the many directions in her own life’s journey. A nature lover with boundless intellectual curiosity, she learned early that the mental and physical are inextricably linked. There simply is no avoiding the “chicken or the egg” paradox in relation to how our mental and physical interconnectedness impacts our performance. In her 35+ years of coaching, Jen Wheaton has worked her “magic” (their words – not hers) with clients of all ages to fortify a foundation of healthy connections that enable each individual to thrive in wholly authentic ways.

As a young athlete in the hands of many different types of coaches, Jen experienced a level of frustration with her own imperfections that was debilitating. Constructive, well-intentioned coaching felt personal. As an elite performer, she was overwhelmed by her own appetites and aptitudes. It was the experience with her first female coach, Susan Seaborn, that introduced her to the infrastructure of effective coaching - technique, systems, data, and strategy. It was the perfect storm of academia, architecture and athletics, and Jen couldn't wait to share the lessons with the world. She was 15.

Fast forward 15 years, and thousands of hours toning and tweaking her coaching craft, Jen had refined an ability to observe the unseen by activating all of her senses. As a young mother, she was quick to identify her newborn daughter needed something more and different from the practical parenting path. Jen's senses informed her that her sweet daughter would require all the tools in Jen's coaching toolkit to help her thrive. Parenting catapulted Jen even deeper into the neuroscience of how humans work, enabling her to coach her now adult child down her own life's path in the most fulfilling and joyful way.

Jen Wheaton Okanagan yoga coach

Jen first stepped into the world of hockey over 10 years ago to teach yoga to the goalies for Okanagan Hockey Group in Penticton. The role was the natural evolution of her holistic mind/body practice in service to the athletes there, and has grown into a platform for elite athletes of all ages at all levels. Today, Jen travels throughout North America working with athletes, families, and agents as a bridge to realizing what's possible when individuals align their aspirations with their essential practices. Her work is a combination

of the physical and mental derived of a dynamic toolkit she has built over her 35 years of coaching. No two people are alike, and everyone deserves to be seen through the coaching lens as a unique individual.

Recognizing the athlete is the spark for the whole being, Jen is widely regarded by her sports clients for her unique gift at unlocking athletes so everything around them fits just the way it's intended to. As many a client is fond of saying in relation to Jen's signature coaching style... "it makes sense."

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I always enjoy connecting with people, and look forward to hearing your story.

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